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25 Hamel Rd.
Hamel, MN 55340

Phone: (763) 478-6499

Expert Auto Technicians

Repairing Car Engine

Reliable, Quality Work

Welcome to Sonny’s Auto Repair & Welding. Here, you’re not just getting great service; you’re also getting the unrivaled experience of our expert auto technician. Sonny has been serving Hamel, MN and surrounding areas for 35 years. He has spent that time being truly dedicated to his work and is always improving on his already outstanding services like quality vehicle inspection.

More Than Just A Service

When you visit the shop, you will see that Sonny provides more than just auto repair services. His wide range of skills enables him to offer you much more, like welding repair and vehicle inspection. You won’t find the kind of quality auto repair and welding services like Sonny's anywhere else, guaranteed. Sonny has also been a volunteer firefighter for the Hamel Fire Department for 41 years.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

It’s important to keep your vehicle in good shape. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Come visit the shop anytime or give him a call to schedule your vehicle inspection today! If you need repairs, he would be more than happy to give you a free auto repair or welding estimate of our services! Choose Sonny’s Auto Repair & Welding, where customers always come first.

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2015 will be the 35th year in Business!